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Ethiopia is a land of wonder and enchantment. The magnificence of the country is inspiring. Ethiopia’s Lake Tana source of Blue Nile, Great Rift Valley lakes, many with national parks, home to a wealth of bird and animal life. The high rugged, simian mountain in the north and the Bale Mountains in the south are also home of some unique wild life, and ideal for trekking whilst some of Ethiopia’s fast flowing rivers are becoming famous for white water rafting. In such a diverse landscape the rugged terrain produces some of the most spectacular scenery in Africa.

Ethiopian Mountains

- The dramatic topography of the Semien area is the result of the erosion of th basalt lava flows which have been calculated to nearly 3000meters thick.

- Semien Mountain: Semien Mountains are a world Heritage site. Scenically one of the most dramatic places in the world home of the endemic wild animals, plant and birds. The Semien highlands constitute one of the major mountain massifs in Africa. The region includes many summits above 4,000 meters and culminates in the highest point in Ethiopia, Ras Dejen, at 4,620 meters, the fourth highest mountain in Africa. Its dramatic topography is the result of the erosion of basalt lavas which have been calculated to be nearly 3000 meters thick. This trekking in the Semein Mountains is a brilliant adventure in the Roof of Africa. It is interesting, experience including climbing in one of the highest peaks in Africa-Ras Dashn.

- Bale Mountain: Bale Mountain National Park is the largest area of Afro-Alpine habitat in the whole of the continent. It’s the best place in the country for mountain walks, horse trekking, scenic drives and the chance to view, besides staggering number of bird species, many of Ethiopia’s endemic mammals such as mountain Nyala, red jackal, and Menilik's bushbuck. Others are Bohor red back, gray duiker, warthog, and Colobus monkey and Anubis baboon. It is an area of high altitude plateau that is broken by numerous spectacular volcanic plugs and peaks, beautiful alpine lakes and rushing mountain streams that descend into deep rocky gorges…


National Parks

- Abiyata shala National Park: In the heart of the rift valley, this park was created to protect both a beautiful landscape and over 300 species of birds inhabiting the area.

- Nechsar National Park: Nechsar means “white grass” in Amharic. This park contains the greatest concentration of Burchell’s Zebra in addition to Grant’s gazelles and greater and lesser Kudus, etc.

- Omo National Park: This is one of the most isolated park in Ethiopia. The landscape is formed by hills, acacias, deciduas trees, and riverine forests along the banks of the Omo River. This park contains Elephants. Giraffes, largest Antelope, Burchell’s Zebras, Oryx, greater and lesser Kudus, Gazelles, Gerenuks, leopards, black rhinoceroses and buffalo.

- Mago National Park: Located to the east of Omo National Park. The park contains giraffes, leopards, lions, buffalo, cheetahs, Zebras, and greater and lesser Kudus.

- Awash National Park: The park’s name comes from the longest river in Ethiopia’ the park contains the greater Kudus, dik diks, Anubis and hamadryads baboons, lions, leopards, cheetahs, striped and spotted hyenas, golden and black jackals, and wild cats.

- Semien Mountain National Park: this park is registered as a world heritage site by UNESCO. In the park, we can find three of the most colorful endemic mammals in Ethiopia: the Walia Ibex (Capra ibex walie), the Gelada Baboon ( the ropithecus gelada) and Simien Wolf (canis simenisis).

- Bale Mountain National Park: Bale Mountains contains the richest flora and fauna of the alpine habitat in all of Ethiopia. The part of the park is the best place to see the endemic animals: mountain Nyala, Menelik’s bushbuck, lynx like cat, Ethiopian wolf, etc. The Bale Mountains offer some fine high altitude terrain for horse and foot trekking.

- Yangudi – Rassa National Park

- Gambela- National Park


- Senkele Sanctuary: Senkele Sanctuary was crated for the protection of the swayne’s Hartebeest.

- Babile Sanctuary

- Yabelo Sanctuary

- Kuni-Muktar Sancturary

- Gambela

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