Student Tours

Student Tours

Inspiration Tours makes the organization of a student performance tours easy and worry-free. With inspiration tour operator, you take your students one step closer to greatness by giving them a unique opportunity to explore and perform in Ethiopia. Sometimes educational travel offers the opportunity to see your students get excited about learning that you didn’t get to witness in the classroom.

Our mission is to provide students the best learning opportunity possible from Educational Travel. We will help your group students accomplish its goal.

Why Ethiopia for Students:

Archeological Tours – Ethiopia is the cradle of Man kind

Painting Tours: Ethiopian art from the 4th century until the 20th can be divided into two broad groupings. First comes a distinctive tradition of Christian art, mostly for churches, in forms including painting, crosses, icons, illuminated manuscripts, and other metalwork such as crowns.

Historical Tours: Ethiopia is a diverse cultural nation with a long and in an African context well-documented history. Ethiopia is the only country in Africa which has never been colonized. From the ancient Aksumite civilization’s obelisks and the fascinating architectural wonders of medieval Lalibela to the castles of Gondar …

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